The EasyKnotter® is the fast, simple-to-use jewelry knotting tool that creates evenly spaced knots for all your beading needs.
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The EasyKnotter® is a fantastic jewelry knotting tool for any beaded jewelry enthusiast. Invented by Maureen Oliveto to assist in her own jewelry making, the EasyKnotter® allows users to create perfect, evenly spaced knots between their beads with ease. Projects that once took hours of tedious work to complete can now be finished in mere minutes. For the hobbyist, this means more opportunities to explore new designs. For the professional, this means boosting your productivity. If you sell even one piece of jewelry made with this the EasyKnotter®, it pays for itself.
The EasyKnotter® is lightweight, compact, and easy-to-use anywhere, from your home studio to the waiting room at the doctor’s office. Order one today and unleash your creativity!
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